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Benefits of Responsive Lighting for Home Security Purposes

An intruder breaking in during the dead of the night. You being left undefended as a desperate stranger pilfers through your belongings. You can’t imagine anything more terrifying.

Truly, the best defense against burglary is to make your house an unappealing target. Although burglars may be desperate, they aren’t necessarily stupid—they want to minimize their own risk. You want to make your home the most unappealing target possible. This is the theory behind placing a “Beware of Dog” sign in your front lawn. You conjure the image of a toothsome rottweiler—while actually owning a playful jack russell terrier.

Outdoor lighting and the strategy behind how you use your light are powerful psychological deterrents to criminals. One of the most effective forms of outdoor security lighting is responsive lighting—lighting that is off until it is triggered by movement.

Read more about the reason this is an increasingly popular outdoor security lighting measure.

Benefits of Responsive Lighting

  1. Responsive Lighting is Psychologically Effective at Deterring Crime

All outdoor security lighting poses a threat to a would-be burglar. Responsive lighting maximizes that danger, keeping your home as safe as possible.

When a potential burglar sees your home is dark and goes to approach, the responsive lighting activates and floods the area with light. This would shock anyone not expecting it, particularly someone taking a risk. That shock alone could force someone to reconsider you as an attractive target.

Even if the criminal suspects the sudden burst of light was automated, they can’t afford to take the chance. For all they know, you are calling the police or actively defending yourself at that very moment.

  1. Responsive Lighting is More Likely to Alert You or a Neighbor

The sudden, bright burst of light will startle the potential criminal—a huge advantage for you. In addition, if you or a neighbor is awake, you or they will be alerted by the light. This can allow your or a concerned neighbor to take proper actions and call the police.

Although a standard security lighting array provides important illumination, it doesn’t act as a visual alarm. Since the light is always on, you are less likely to witness and thwart any burglary attempts.

  1. Responsive Lighting is Respectful to Your Neighbors

Those same neighbors who can play a crucial role in witnessing and stopping a potential burglary will appreciate your choice of responsive lighting. By design, outdoor security lighting is powerful and casts a large net of illumination.

When your outdoor security lighting is on all the time, you risk frustrating your neighbors by projecting glaring light into their house all night long. While your outdoor security lighting represents peace-of-mind to you, it’s a nuisance to them.

Since your responsive lighting will be off the vast majority of the time, you allow your neighbors to enjoy the dark, while still enjoying the best protection.

  1. Responsive Lighting Saves Electricity

Like we just said, responsive lighting shines significantly less of the time than standard outdoor security lighting. That means you can expect to pay significantly less in electric bills for the same peace-of-mind.

While your standard outdoor security lighting doesn’t break the bank, remember – you keep it on all night, every night. Over time, that usage adds up.

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