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7 Hungriest Energy Vampires in Your Home

Electricity is responsible for making our homes awesome. TV? Check! Tablets? Check! A houseful of convenience that would seem like magic to a person from a hundred years ago? Check!

We pay for the luxury of that electricity though. While the price of electricity varies from state to state, and while your individual usage may vary, the average family pays $2,000 for electricity per year.

The majority of that electricity is used purposely, like flooding the house with light late Friday night while we binge on our favorite shows, streaming from the internet, or while heating up Olive Garden leftovers in the microwave.

However, some electricity gets stolen from us, by appliances that devour electricity while we aren’t using them. These appliances are called Energy Vampires — we’ve put together a list of the 9 hungriest energy vampires and how to stop them.

7 Energy Vampires in No Particular Order

Saving on your energy bill is a great way to save cash — and save the planet — especially if it doesn’t eat into your technology time.

Slay some energy vampires and enjoy the savings.

  1. Your TV

The bigger the TV, the hungrier. Your TV stays plugged in all the time, and it’s always feasting.

We could advise you to unplug your TV after you’re done watching, but we know you wouldn’t. Instead, just hook the TV to a power strip, and flip a switch when you’re done.

  1. Gaming System(s)

Just like your TV, your gaming systems treat your outlets like an all-you-can-eat buffet. While you only have one TV per room, you probably have more than one gaming system — for double or triple the energy vampires!

Plug your video game systems into the same power strip as your monster TV and you’ll save.

  1. Tablet, Laptop, and Phone Chargers

Your handheld devices depend on these charges to stay alive — yet these chargers are eating electricity whether they’re charging anything or not. While they might not be quite as wasteful as a TV or game system, you might have between five and ten plugged in at any time.

Our Advice: When you’re done charging, unplug the charger and keep it somewhere you won’t lose it.

  1. Toaster

An energy vampire you’d never expect, the toaster draws power from the outlets 24/7. So when you’re done making your bagels, waffles, or toaster strudel, just unplug the toaster and save a few bucks.

  1. Microwave

Sometimes when it comes to energy vampires, you need to live and let live, it isn’t convenient to slay them all. Unplugging a microwave is challenging because of the way most people’s kitchens are set up. It’s way too challenging to do it every time you use it.

You’ll end up spending a few wasted bucks on your microwave, but that’s a fair price for a machine that can thaw steak in five minutes flat (not that you’d want to.) Think back to a hundred years ago, your microwave would seem so convenient, it’d be magic.

  1. Hair Dryers and Curling Irons

We’re lumping these two bathroom appliances into one, because chances are if you have one, you have the other. While they do draw power at a similar level as a charger, the real reason to unplug them is the electrical shock hazard.

  1. Laser Printer

Forgot about your laser printer? That’s okay, we almost did too. In this primarily digital world, we barely print anything anymore. However, our laser printers are still plugged-in, in standby mode, sucking energy every day.

Unless you run a home office, just unplug your printer — and only plug it back in on the off chance you want to print out a picture of you and your cat to frame in your office.

Mister Sparky for Electrical Safety

As we’ve said, electricity makes our homes awesome — so convenient it’s almost like magic. While your electrical system is 100% safe — if it’s up to date and well maintained – an outdated electrical system is a danger.

Just think back for a second about how many of those devices were invented in the fifties — not too many. Yet if your home is from that time period, your electrical system is too.

An outdated electrical system running modern, high-demand electronics can prove a fire hazard. As far as dangers related to electricity are concerned, an electrical fire makes energy vampires look like a joke.

If you have some doubts about your electrical system or just don’t know the last time you’ve had it looked at, contact us.

Our expert electricians can identify fire hazards to ensure your system is 100% safe for you and your family.

Contact us for a safety inspection and for all of your electrical needs.