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How to Save on Your Electric Bill

Want to learn how to save on your electric bill? You’re in the right place.

After all, if you don’t save on your electric bill, you’re missing an opportunity and spending too much money—every month. In some households, a sky-high electric bill starts fights and creates unfriendly accusations.
Should you blame the kids for playing Madden and Call of Duty for hours on your 60 inch LCD?


Should you blame your spouse for keeping the house so cold in the summer and so darn hot in the winter?

At Mister Sparky® of Lancaster, we’re not about blame. We’re about finding you solutions. Solutions that you can do yourself and solutions that we bring in for you.

Read on to learn about how to save on your electric bill and how we can help.

Electric bill breakdown

Before you can start to save on your electric bill, you need to know where the money goes.

Energy Star breaks down a national average energy bill into the percentages.

These are the results.

Electronics: 21%
Lightning: 12%
Water Heating: 13%
Appliances: 12%
Cooling: 13%
Heating: 29%

As expert electricians, we specialize in electronics and lighting. We have some ideas for how you can save on your electric bill.

Let’s dig in

Electronics: 21%—Unplug Energy Vampires

As Americans, we love our electronics. Ranking as the number two slice of the pie proves that.

We’d never tell you to reduce your electronics use. Instead, we’ll tell you not to pay for your electronics when you aren’t using them.

The majority of your electronics, simple and complex, drain power whenever they’re plugged in—not just when you’re using them. The common industry terms for this phenomenon is electricity vampires or phantom load. From our perspective, those ominous names prove that electricians have a fantastic imagination.

Notorious examples of electricity vampires/phantom load:

  • Televisions (particularly plasma models)
  • Video game systems
  • Phone chargers
  • Computers
  • Cable Boxes/DVRs

Well, what should you do to save on your electric bill?

Well, you could unplug each of your appliances, each time you’re finished using it. But let’s be realistic, you aren’t going to go to all of that trouble—we wouldn’t either.

Instead, plug your electricity vampires into a basic power strip. When you want to use one, turn it on. When you’re finished, simply flip the power on the strip. Two or three power strips should cover all of your phantom load electronics.

You can implement this solution in just a few minutes — and save all year long.

Lighting: 12%— Get Efficient

Next to the toilet seat up vs down debate, lights are the eternal marital fight.

“For the last time, turn off the lights when you leave a room.”


“C’mon, honey. Let it go already, will ya!”

By this point, you know what side you take.  Just like we don’t lay blame, we also don’t take sides. We do have a good solution for you.

Upgrade to energy efficient light bulbs like LEDs or Compact Fluorescents that use at least 75% less energy than the typical light bulbs. These efficient lights produce the same amount of light for your home using far less energy.

The bottom line: At 75% percent greater energy efficiency from your bulbs, you’ll save no matter what you do.

Cooling: 13% — Try a Ceiling Fan

In the summertime, you’ll do anything to stay cool. And rightfully, so.

Want to reduce your dependency on your cooling system? We have a unique solution for you: a ceiling fan.

For more than 100 years in America, ceiling fans were the only way to keep cool. And guess what, they’re still effective.

Unlike your air conditioner, ceiling fans don’t lower the temperature of hot air. Instead they circulate the air to help you feel cool.  Effective ceiling fans allow you to feel comfortable with the temperature set approximately four degrees higher.

Also, they add a touch of unique class to any room.

We’re experts at installing effective, energy-efficient ceiling fans. Give us a call.

For the next tip on how to save on your electric bill, you need some outside help.

Heating: 29% — Call an HVAC Expert

Since heating stands out as the biggest piece of the pie, we want to help you with that too.

We wish we could provide an at home fix or a little upgrade. During the cold winter days and chilly spring nights, your heating system fights to keep you warm. However, if your system isn’t running at its most efficient, it’s fighting too hard, and you’re paying too much.

To restore your heating system’s most effective performance, you need a tune-up from a qualified heating and air-conditioning technician. Fortunately, we know a great one.

Contact our sister company One Hour for expert service for your HVAC system.

How to Save on Your Electric Bill: Wrap-Up

Now you know where your money is going, you can start saving. How much will you save on your electric bill when you start implementing some strategies?

Let’s recap:

  • You can shut down electricity vampires/ phantom load.
  • You can switch to energy efficient light bulbs
  • You can install a ceiling fan
  • You can get a heating tune-up

If you’d like some advice specific to your house and your electric bill, contact a Mister Sparky® of Lancaster expert electrician to check it out.

Contact us to discuss the possibility for savings and for all of your electrical needs.