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External Power Surge Protection 101

“Dude. Dude. Dude. Sick 4k TV! How many inches?”

You love that question.

“Sweet laptop. I need one of those.”

Your pride swells when someone admires one of your gadgets—that’s human nature.

We love our electronics. The newer, bigger, and more expensive… the better.

But do we keep them as safe as we keep the rest of our house?


A lighting strike slams into a powerline or transformer, sending runoff electricity coursing through your home power system.

Known as an external power surge, that phenomenon can incinerate any electronic hooked into an outlet.

Your computer, TV, PS4, or even your washer and dryer. All at once. Cooked like BBQ.

Read on to learn about power surges, how they endanger your devices, and what you’re going to do to keep your favorite toys & tools safe.

What are External Power Surges?

A power surge refers to any incident in which electricity exceeds what your electronics and electric line are rated to handle.

If the excess electrical current originates outside the home, that surge qualifies as external.  The dangerous extra electricity enters your home through the power grid along with your typical electrical load.

Extreme weather causes the vast majority external surges. So without protection you, are completely at the mercy of the elements.

In our example above concerning the freak lightning strike, the excess electricity originates from outside the home, in this case, in the stormy sky. Lightning hitting power lines, transformers, or other outdoor-electrical grid component remains the most common cause of external power surges.

Other external power surges originate from:

  • Powerlines blown into contact by wind
  • Powerlines forced into contact by falling tree
  • Power company error

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How External Power Surges Destroy Your Cool Stuff


Quite simply, your electronics can’t handle the amount power being forced through them. The surge destroys the components instantly.

Like any 21 century person, you have more than one electronic device plugged in at once. Well, a single external surge can destroy more than one device simultaneously.

Imagine having to replace your TV, computer, washing machine and dryer all at once. You’re looking at a surprise $5,000 expense, easily.

We’re willing to bet that from now on, each time you hear thunder, you’ll be worried about a power surge.

Who can blame you?

External Power Surges make the News

In the midst of brutal storm, a massive surge will occasionally damage whole neighborhoods or other large residential areas.

Surges of that magnitude cause thousands of dollars in damage for hundreds of residents. In fact, these events are important enough make the news.