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Deter Crime with Outdoor Security Lighting

Middle of the night. The kids are long asleep. Your spouse snores lightly next to you.

Suddenly, a thumping sound coming from downstairs…What was that? Was that my imagination?

Your heart jumps into your throat. You think you hear footsteps, human footsteps.

“Did you hear that?” You whisper, rousing your spouse from sleep.

In the morning, you realize  you were the victim of a break-in. You feel sick in your stomach to think about it. The door is knocked in and valuables were taken, but you’re just glad everyone is safe.

According to recent FBI crime statistics, over 2 million burglaries occur every year.

Making your house a difficult target is your strongest line of defense. An academic survey of convicted burglars reported that security lighting deters 24% of burglaries.

Read on to learn more about outdoor security lighting, some advanced features, and some strategy.

Why it Matters

Desperate people commit robberies — they may become violent if confronted. The same academic study reported that fueling a drug habit motivated 44% of robberies.

You can’t risk coming face-to-face with a person like that. You need to keep them out.

Think like a Criminal

Try to think about your neighborhood like a criminal choosing a target. You‘re going to avoid homes with security signs and doghouses—that eliminates a few targets.  But you still have a whole platter of options.

Would you rather rob a house that’s illuminated, where you’ll be seen by the owners or neighbors?

Or would you rather target a house with no outdoor lighting or poor lighting, shrouding you in darkness while you do your work?

Easy answer.

What is Outdoor Security Lighting?

Outdoor security lighting refers to any outside light fixture with the purpose of detecting or discouraging crime.

A strong light illuminating a point of entry is one of the most basic, yet powerful outdoor security lighting uses. In order to gain access to your home, a would-be thief MUST risk being seen by you or your neighbors.

Motion Detector Enabled

Lighting activated by a motion sensor is a more advanced, but still common weapon against crime. These responsive systems only activate when someone moves through the sensor area. Light suddenly flooding an entrance area serves two purposes.

Firstly, the sudden flood of light startles a potential intruder. For all he knows, you, not a motion sensor, turned on the light. In his mind, you’re already aware of his unwanted presence.

Secondly, if you or your neighbors are awake, the sudden burst of light will call attention that someone might be skulking around outside. The potential thief will be flooded in light, and you can call the police.

If dark, unguarded homes are an option, no thief would risk breaking into a responsive and well-lit one.

Bring in Mister Sparky

Trust the experts that handle your electricity to handle your lighting.  Our electricians can install a variety of outdoor security lights—including motion detected lighting.

Combining both point of entry lights with responsive ones means that every entrance of your house is guarded. You are NOT an easy target.

Keep you and your family safe from one of the 2 million burglaries that happen every year. Mister Sparky electricians have the lighting expertise you need.


Over 2 million burglaries occur each year. Defending your family from that ever-increasing possibility is your duty.

Burglars may be desperate, but they’re not stupid. They choose the path of least resistance—they always want to target the easiest prey. Your best line of defense is to intimidate them away from choosing you.

Do anything you can to protect your family and keep criminals far away—especially if it’s effective. Deterring 24% of possible burglars makes defensive lighting an inexpensive, but powerful weapon in your arsenal.

Outdoor security lighting is one of the most powerful tools to intimidate and catch potential criminals. Working with a professional ensures that your home’s security lighting is up to the job.

Show them that if they choose you and your home, they end up in jail.

Contact Mister Sparky to discuss outdoor security lighting and all of your electrical needs.