Electrical problems can be annoying, upsetting, and even scary. Many originate unseen behind the walls of your home, and some could end up becoming large projects to fix. How can you keep on top of your home’s electrical safety without breaking the bank?

We have a club that we’d love to invite you to join. Introducing the Mister Sparky of Cincinnati’s Club Membership! For a low monthly fee or one lump sum annually, we provide yearly scheduled maintenance and inspections, so you don’t have to worry about hidden problems in your electrical system. Plus, you’ll receive priority scheduling (and a discount on certain repairs to go with it).

The Benefits of Maintenance and Repair Services

Our membership offers member households in the Cincinnati area plenty of benefits. We’ll help make your home’s power safer and more reliable by making sure we catch and correct issues as soon as possible. You’ll also enjoy discounted service when the time comes for more substantial repairs or electrical upgrades.

Here’s what you enjoy as a member:

  1. Preventive Electrical Maintenance in Cincinnati

Once a year, a licensed Mister Sparky electrician will perform an annual maintenance check – covered by the cost of membership – on your main breaker box, outlets, and switches. We’ll look for any major or minor problems that could be affecting your home’s electrical performance or efficiency. If we find a minor issue, we’ll correct it to prevent a larger problem down the road. If your annual check turns up any larger problems, we’ll let you know and discuss possible next steps.

You are responsible for scheduling annual maintenance, but we’re always happy to remind you of the best times for electrical maintenance. (It’s the spring and fall, in case you’re curious!)

  1. Routine Electrical Safety Checks

During your maintenance check, our electricians will also perform an electrical inspection on your Cincinnati-area home. We ensure that your breaker box, outlets, and switches are up to code. We also check for fire hazards, correcting any issues that could jeopardize the safety of your home, family, or electrical system.

An electrical home safety inspection is included as part of your membership fee.

  1. Discount Electrical Service

When something does go wrong, give us a call! We want to make sure your electrical services are done right but won’t cost an arm and a leg.

You’ll enjoy a members-only discount on urgent electrical services, including:

  • 15% off any qualifying parts or repairs. Your electrician will let you know which services are discounted.
  • A $59 flat trip fee. Whenever you need to schedule an electrician, the trip fee is a flat $59, even on weekends, holidays, and after-hours. Service fees will be added to this $59 charge.
  • Priority scheduling. When you have an emergency or even just an annoying repair you need to get out of the way, know that we’ll fit you into the schedule ASAP.
  • 5% off new connection lines. We discount any connection lines that bring electricity from your utility company to your breaker box, whether you’re replacing damaged lines or hooking up power to a newly built home.

Join Our Club Membership for Cincinnati Electrical Repair and Maintenance

Let the professionals manage your electrical system and lower the risk of sudden, catastrophic, expensive electrical repairs popping up out of the blue. We’ll put your mind at ease by putting our expertise to work for you. Mister Sparky of Cincinnati would be happy to welcome you to the club, whenever you decide to join.

To learn more about our club membership, visit us here! Or, ask your electrician about our membership at your next service visit!