Spring has sprung and the stormy weather beginning to roll in. While rain is great for flowers and crops, severe weather means the likelihood of lightning strikes and power surges. Every home should invest in power surge protection to keep home appliances and devices safe from strong and damaging surges. Anything plugged into an outlet is at risk of damage if not protected by a surge protector.

Lightning strikes are not the only power surge culprit. Many surges occur when high powered electrical devices— such as refrigerators and air conditioners— are switched on and off. The dramatic increase or decrease in the need of power can cause a surge in your power grid leading to the above-mentioned problems.

The way surge protectors work is by creating a threshold of voltage that is allowed to run through your power grid. If the power spikes above the threshold, the surge protector will reject the increased volts.

Mister Sparky professionals understand how important all of your electrical devices are, especially personal home computers that hold such valuable information on them. If you would like a Mister Sparky electrician to visit your home or place of work and assess your need for a surge protector, feel free to give us a call! On-time, friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable, our Mister Sparky professionals are standing by to help you today!

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In addition to emergency electrical repairs, some of the electrician services provided by the company include:

  • electrical outlet/switch repair
  • ceiling fan installation
  • lighting installation
  • residential wiring repair
  • landscape lighting installation
  • home electrical inspections.

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