As we sit in limbo between winter and spring, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. During this time of year people often use space heaters to warm rooms as they need them, instead of warming the whole house. For these reasons we want to discuss space heater safety.

According to a Nationwide Insurance study, 80% of home heating fire casualties involve space heaters. Space heater fires account for 19,300 reported U.S. home structure fires which amounts to $559 million in direct property damage. That’s an astronomical amount of damage caused by a device so small.

The number one point of prevention is to never leave the space heater running and unattended. In addition, always ensure that your home smoke detectors are well maintained in case of an emergency, though we would prefer them never needing to be used. Mister Sparky offers professional smoke detector installation and maintenance services, to create the safest home environment possible for your family.

Mister Sparky’s professionals are all certified and skilled electricians. Beyond their expertise in proper wiring and installation of electrical units, they are knowledgeable in the installation and proper maintenance of smoke detectors.

Join The Club! 

The National Fire Protection Agency and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) state that every home electrical system needs annual service. With that in mind, Mister Sparky® offers the POWERCLUB® program membership. Your Mister Sparky® POWERCLUB® membership includes one annual professional safety inspection and one panel rejuvenation for your electrical system. All of these features are available to you for a low monthly fee. Check with your service technician about how you can save with our POWERCLUB® membership.

Mister Sparky® of Tulsa, America’s On-Time Electrician services the Tulsa metro area with a team of licensed electricians. In addition to emergency electrical repairs, some of the electrician services provided by the company include: electrical outlet/switch repair, ceiling fan installation, lighting installation, residential wiring repair, landscape lighting installation and home electrical inspections. Call us today at (918) 205-6448 to schedule an appointment!