Technology is constantly evolving, offering more functional and energy-efficient ways to live our lives. These innovative power outlet options offer a wide, user-friendly range of functionality in your home. Can you see yourself installing any of these models?


The Hang On outlet provides an extra lip to rest your plugs on when they’re not in use. This nifty outlet makes it easier to keep unnecessary electronics unplugged so you can save energy and money. Never scramble to find plugs again!


The Tab power strip allows you to choose how many outlets you need and keep them organized and labeled. Have a power strip behind your entertainment center with too many wires to count? Use this gadget to keep them all in order.


If you’ve ever struggled to fit a plug into your power strip, this outlet accessory is for you. Twist each plug around the base to make each item fit perfectly.


Control the electricity around your home or office automatically! This outlet accessory has a built in timer with different plugs corresponding to different times of the day. Save energy by keeping the lights off, even if you’re not there.


An outlet that retracts when not in use and pops out to provide three receptacles with a single touch. This chic outlet style is great for a kitchen or home office where more outlets are needed for gadgets or computer equipment.

These power outlet options make a great improvement to any home. Call Mister Sparky for professional installation services, and all of your residential electrical needs!

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