Electrical Problems

Flooding Electrical Hazards

The rainy spring season is upon us, and due to El Niño our region will be expecting warm temperatures and heavy rainfall. Heavy rainfall brings flooding electrical hazards and homeowners should be prepared for these situations. Flooding is extremely dangerous and should be taken seriously; flooding causes risk for vehicle malfunction, catching diseases, drowning, electrical shock and more!

As your most trusted Tulsa electrician, we’re going to discuss what you can do to protect yourself from electrical hazards before, during and after a flood.


• Organize and mark each area of your business or home to the corresponding electric panel circuit breakers switches or fuses.
• Remove all appliances from their power source, but DO NOT do this if you have to stand in water while you’re unplugging the appliances.
• For people using generators, refrain from connecting the generator to the home electric system. It is best to only connect appliances, electronics, etc. you want to power on to the generator’s outlets.
• When water is rising and is expected to make contact with your home, power off the home’s main electric panel or breaker box.


• Avoid spaces in your home where water has submerged any electrical cords that are plugged in or wall outlets.
• If you hear buzzing or popping inside of a room, DO NOT go inside. Also, if you see sparks, avoid the area.
• Call your electric company if you see downed power lines and stay away from them. Downed tree limbs are also dangerous since they can conduct electricity
• Steer clear from electrical boxes or panels on ground level.
• Turn your electric panel off before going into a flooded basement or building. Don’t risk going into these spaces if you aren’t certain the electricity is off. Instead call your power company.


• Call Mister Sparky Electrician to assess the safety of your electrical panel if the panel was covered by water at some point. If you know your electrical panel was fortunate enough to stay dry, still call for a home electrical inspection – just for safety measures.
• If your furnace floods, please call a certified HVAC technician to come out and inspect it for damages.
Stay safe and refer back to this blog if you have any questions about electrical hazards during flooding. Mister Sparky’s number one concern is our customers’ safety and satisfaction. Call us today if you have any electrical problems, questions or concerns! We’re here and ready to help.

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