This holiday season beware of those energy sucking devices that will be draining the electricity in your home. DESKTOP COMPUTERS Very often, we leave our computers on but in the “idle or “standby” modes. We often think because desktop computers aren’t in use, that it means they are not using lots of energy. However, the National Resource and Defense Council reports that this “off” mode could be costing you $165 annually. GAME CONSOLES Similar to desktop computes, the “standby or “rest” modes on your home’s favorite game console could be sucking more energy than you know. Performing an energy audit can help you further hunt for these unknown costs. FURNACES Dirty filters could be turning your furnace into an energy sucking bill. Dirty filters restrict your furnace’s air intake, thus making it work harder and incurring a higher energy bill. For Help Identifying your Idle Appliances, Call Mister Sparky® of San Antonio Today