After power is routed to your home through the main circuit panel, a subpanel can be connected to that main panel providing power further down the line. The subpanel does not add more power to your house but it can offer a convenient way to power larger properties or outside equipment. These subpanels can be placed anywhere on your property, make sure they are at least one foot from the main panel.

Sometimes referred to as a satellite circuit breaker, the subpanel is a double-pole 240-volt breaker in the main panel, which then disperses power to additional branch circuits. When installed correctly and safely, the subpanel can be beneficial for space, convenience, and efficiency.

Space - Are you running out of space? Rather than purchasing a costly larger main panel or to avoid breaker clarification clutter, you might want to consider adding a subpanel.

Convenience - How large is your property? Do you have a barn or equipment in a shed that needs power? Being able to access your circuit breaker from another building can cut down on your trips running back and forth.

Efficiency - Is efficiency important to you? When you add multiple or larger equipment to your system, overworking a circuit on an electrical panel is possible. It is important to understand the voltage necessary to make your appliances work and not tax the current system.

When making a decision to add a larger appliance to your home, we recommend checking your main panel and ensuring you have enough amps to distribute to the subpanel. Keep the subpanel in mind when purchasing these larger appliances:

● Hot tubs

●Spa systems

●Yard equipment


● Dryers

●Electric Vehicle Chargers

All main panels and subpanels have specific rules placed by the National Electrical Code (NEC). Our electricians are trained to be mindful of accordance guides and quality work every step of the way.

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