Light switches used to be a simple decision. Now this home improvement category has many options, all with different styles, functions and wiring needs. It can be a tricky decision. So which one is right for you?

The most common switch is a single-pole switch. It consists of two terminals and simply turns the light on and off. However, when you want to control the same light from multiple locations, a three or four way switch will be the switch you need.

  • A three-way switch has three terminals and allows you to control a light from two different locations.
  • A four-way switch has four terminals and allows you to control a light from three locations.

To determine which one you need, consider the following:

How many entrances does the room have? If there are more than two entrances to a room such as a dining room, a four-way switch might be your best bet.

Is there a light in a stairwell? In this case you will need the three-way switch.

One more thing to consider when buying a switch. If you are buying a switch for a fan or fluorescent light, you will need to buy a special switch that is rated to control these devices.

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