Animated light bulb coming out the ground

We’ve all heard the news: Energy efficiency is good for our wallet AND good for the environment, but let's face it, we all need a reminder every now and then. As Earth day approaches, it is the perfect time to remind ourselves about how we can all leverage energy efficiency, to help our environment stay green for years to come.

Upgrading our energy efficiency in buildings, appliances, lighting and equipment can be a reasonably inexpensive, low impact way to cut long term carbon pollution. Over time, this will add up to grand scale climate-positive impacts.

Seal and insulate - Well-insulated houses will significantly reduce your energy output and therefore your energy bill. Check your appliances, windows and doors regularly for leaks; fill any holes or replace any seals that are not adequately doing their job. Seal holes around pipes that come in from the outside. Take the time to wrap your boiler and exposed pipes with insulation to help maintain the desired temperature. Good weatherization can improve the air you breathe in your home.

Adjust your water heater's temperature - This can help prevent water heater fatigue by reducing the amount of electricity your heater has to use every time it runs. A quick and easy fix.

Wash clothes in cold water - Opting for cold water in your washer means less stress on your water heater. Oftentimes, between laundry, showers and dishwashing, your water heater can be stretched thin, causing your bill to skyrocket.

Switching to LED’s - These bulbs take significantly less energy to light your space than incandescent bulbs, make the switch today! (see our last post on LED upgrade facts)

Energy efficient appliances - While these are pricier items, the impact can be huge for the planet. Take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act’s rebates and tax credits to offset the cost of these higher ticket items.

By using improved energy efficient measures we may be improving lives. Less pollution means less power plant output, reducing the damaging particles in the air, resulting in less asthma and lung cancer. Some of these tasks are simple ways to have a big impact on our future and the future of the planet.

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