Although flickering lights may seem more of a nuisance to deal with, at times it can be a sign of a major electrical issue in your home. Before diagnosing, it is important to make sure all bulbs in your home are tightened correctly. This way you can rule out minor electrical issues before calling on us to assess your home. Here is what to look for:

Loose/Outdated Wiring

Loose or outdated wires can create high resistance points that create hazardous heating. When this happens a house fire can occur. To check for loose or outdated wiring, you must shut off the light at the circuit breaker before removing the fixture, but if the fixture appears loose or vulnerable please call an electrician immediately.

Overloaded Circuit

This issue is not an immediate danger but does affect your electricity bill. When the lights flicker constantly and do not stop that just means that your appliances are extracting an excess amount of electricity than the circuit can conduct. Our electricians can further investigate if you’re not able to locate the source of the problem.

Meter Box Issue

If lights are flickering throughout your home, we recommend you call us immediately at (210) 899-2430 so we can place you on our emergency list. Meter boxes contain wires that could be extremely hazardous due to their high voltage.

Reach out to us!

Working to resolve these issues in your home can keep you and your loved ones safe. Our electricians are trained to focus on finding and investigating any potential hazards, so nothing gets left unnoticed.