As we advance our technology, we are finding that new devices are making their way into long celebrated traditions. Some of us might find that the ease of handling this technology is well worth the investment. However, there might be some doubt considering that your older lights have done just fine to bring in the holiday cheer. Here are some reasons we recommend upgrading your holiday lights to smarter devices.

  1. Simplicity. It wouldn’t be smart if it didn’t have phone connectivity. This connection is what sets them apart from traditional lighting which allows you to have access to your lighting controls right through your smartphone.
  1. You can play with more features. Some manufacturers have produced their products to hold multiple color and effect features. Effect features could be slow fading, color changing, and/or blinking. There are smart lighting products on the market that are equipped with light-animated features you can sync to music.
  1. Personalize your lights based on events. Hosting a holiday party? Easily switch up the ambiance of your home to a more cheerful setting. When the party's over, easily tone down the lighting by accessing the app on your phone.
  1. More control of your electricity use. Some manufacturers have built-in timer settings that allow you to set a specific time-frame you want your lights on. You could also easily have access to its controls away from home, so no need to worry if you forgot to turn them off one morning.

What’s even better about smart lighting is that you can keep them up in your house year-round to accent your home's standard lighting. For information on more complex lighting setups, give us a call at (210) 899-2430!

*Information for this article gathered from Forbes