Upgrade Your Dishwasher To Increase your Home’s Energy Efficiency It’s difficult to justify an expensive appliance purchase when older models seem to work fine compared to newer appliances on the market. You might even think your handwashing techniques are optimized to save water, but reports say even the most frugal handwasher can’t beat today’s dishwashers. With this in mind, here are more reasons to upgrade your dishwasher to a newer model.

1) They are Much Quieter

The appliance industry uses a silent rating based on decibels (referred to as dB or dBA). Models from the 1990s have a rating of about 60 dB and higher. Most models you can find on the market today will have a rating of about 48 or lower.

2) They Now Come With a Third Rack

With a third rack, you are able to optimize the space of the washer and run fuller loads.

3) They Use Less Power and Water

Energy Star labels on appliances means they are energy and water efficient. In order to receive an Energy Star certification, appliances have to be tested by the EPA to make sure they meet strict requirements.

4) Soil Sensor Features

This feature senses how much food product dishes have. This gives them the ability to adjust how much water and power it will use to run the load. Besides the sleeker look and updated smart technology on dishwashers today, upgrading your appliance can help you save money in the long run. Although Mister Sparky doesn’t service appliances, we could assist you with other electrical issues that might be affecting them. Give us a call at (210) 899-2430 to discuss your electrical needs with one of our team members.

*Information from this article was gathered from Energy Star