Restrooms prone to accumulating mold around shower caulking likely have the same thing in common - they don’t have a bathroom exhaust fan installed. If not treated, these mold particles could creep their way into other rooms in your home and possibly harm family, guests and pets. Bathroom exhaust fans can also help dissipate unwanted odors and prevent hot steam from settling on mirrors and other surfaces. Read enough of the horrors and thinking about giving us a call? Before you do, understand more about the different types of fans we can install in your home. Our trusted and experienced electricians will listen to your specific needs and customize a light/exhaust fan combination you will love.

Fan and Light Fixtures

The ease of fan and light fixture combinations is that they both turn on in one flip of a switch. If the noise of a bathroom exhaust fan bothers you, your electrician can add an additional light without connecting it to the exhaust fan; thus, allowing you to keep your home quiet during times where the fan is not needed. Thinking about aesthetics? Specify that with your electrician and they will work with you on an installation plan.

Fan, Light, and Heater Combination

This set up works to dry and warm up your bathroom with a heater addition, making the transition from your tub or shower to your bathroom more comfortable. The fan and heater combination also helps to remove moist air particles.

Understand the Ratings on Your Fan

The size of your bathroom will determine the CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating that you will need to find on your fan. The higher the CFM rating, the more ability your fan will have to move air around your bathroom. The sones rating on fans determine their noise level when running. Be on the lookout for a fan with a rating of 1.5 sones or less for a quiet bathroom.

Call on us!

A bathroom exhaust fan could be what you need to solve molding and odor issues in your bathroom. Save money on cleaning supplies by having one of our electricians install one in your home. Reach us at (210) 899-2430 and one of our dispatchers can set up an appointment with one of our technicians.