USB Combo outlets are the new craze for tech savvy homeowners. Every device usually comes with a different bulky adapter and USB wire, making it even more difficult to figure out where to plug in our dying devices.

What is it?

You may be asking yourself, “What is a USB combo outlet?” These outlets are the new home trend that you are missing out on. These USB combo outlets vary in appearance, but are usually comprised of two outlets and two USB ports. Some of these models can even be made up of all USB ports and no outlets. Since these types of outlets are in high demand, there are always affordable options available.

Why you need it:

Counters and nightstands can get cluttered with wires that fuel our everyday devices, or you may have chargers are usually so large that they take up most of the wall outlet, making plugging in another device difficult. The benefits of the USB combo outlet are that they save space, while still charging all of your favorite devices at the same time.

How to make it work:

Installment may be tricky at first. You will need to make sure you have enough space and depth for the installation of your new junction box. A junction box is an enclosure that protects a connection (i.e., the junction) of two or more wires carrying electrical current. If the space does not suffice, you may need to replace your junction box all together. You may also need to figure out your homes amperage time.

Amperage affects the amount of time needed to charge your devices. Electrical systems in newer homes can charge your devices fairly quickly, while older systems may take a longer amount of time. Amperage is also affected by the amount of devices you have plugged into an outlet at the same time. No fear—you can always reach out to your trusted electricians at Mister Sparky to help with all your electrical needs.

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