If you are curious about some of the most common electrical code violations, you have come to the right place. Check out this list to acquaint yourselves with some of the dangerous code violations we see all too frequently.

Overcrowding Wires - Cramming too many wires into the same opening
Pairing Old Lights with New Wires - Causes temperature differences due to different designs
Illegal Splicing - The practice of connecting two or more wires together
Knot and Tube Wiring - Wiring style that was historically very popular but illegal now
Non-IC Canister Light Contacting Insulation - Non-IC lighting touching insulation creates a fire hazard
Nails and Screws Running Through Electrical Components - Can easily cause electrocution
Disorganized Electrical Panel - Easily causes confusion about which fuse is which

Curious if your house or business is violating any of these codes? No worries. At Mister Sparky, we have a team of electrical experts who are happy to run a full inspection for any and all code violations you might be experiencing. Just call (210) 899-2430 to set up your consultation today.