Ceiling fans. They’re your best friend during the summer months and your long forgotten companion during those cold winter nights. Ceiling fans can unify a room or become a distracting feature. Here are some tips on how to pick the best ceiling fan for your room.

The Buying Process: What to Look For

When deciding what fan to buy, size, shape, blade speed and air flow all contribute to the quality of a ceiling fan. If you purchase a fan that is too big or small for your desired space, the ceiling fan will not function to the best of its abilities. Ceiling fans usually range between 2 to 9
blades. Blade speed can help determine if the fan has the capability to circulate air properly. Blade speed also contributes to air flow. Air flow is measured in CFM, that is cubic feet per minute. The higher the CFM, the greater the air flow. Great airflow is considered to have a CFM of over 6,000 while a CFM below 4,000 is considered bad air flow.

Best Brands on the Market

While shopping for a ceiling fan, it is best to begin with researching which brands will suit your budget and needs best. There are many different brands to choose from and any Mister Sparky expert will be able to tell you their particular recommendations. At the end of the day, many fans will be able to fulfill your basic needs but some will be more cut out for our average use, climate housing trends in San Antonio.

To set up a consultation with a Mister Sparky expert to add ceiling fans to your home or have your current ceiling fans updated, please contact us today.