The era of smart home technology is here and taking over the home device market. According to Statista, it is expected that 57.2% of homes will have a smart home device by 2025. This comes as no surprise when you consider the fact that smart technology has the ability to save time and make our lives a bit easier. Its power controls are run through your phone with Wi-Fi connectivity that gives you access to your light switches even when you’re not home. One downside to smart lighting devices is that they are deemed as ‘energy vampires’, so although they run on efficient LED lights, their constant power use will increase your electricity bill by a small percentage.

Build the Perfect Ambiance

Some of the benefits of installing smart lighting are its dimming and color features. If you haven’t experienced the luxury of being able to dim your lights, we recommend giving it a try. With dimming lights you can set up the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Although deemed an ‘energy vampire’, this dimming feature could save a bit of the energy wasted when on stand-by mode.

Get a Better Night’s Rest

Color features are not only a fun way to add color throughout your home, but they could also solve sleeping issues if you struggle to get a good night's rest. If you have a home full of LED lighting, be aware of the fact that they emit shorter wavelengths which result in cooler lighting. According to Michigan Health, cooler or blue lighting is known to suppress melatonin, the hormone in your body that signals you to go to sleep. Smart lighting bulbs give you the option of warming and dimming the lighting in your home, helping your body to slowly adjust to its sleeping schedule.

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