Technology has fortunately made its way into our lives to make them a bit easier. Although they have many upsides, one of the downsides are the bulky cords that clutter our living area. Here are ways you can organize and safely hide them away:

  1. Wrap velcro around your cords. This is a great way to organize areas of the home that are prone to accumulate bulky cords, such as behind the entertainment system.
  2. Attach a clip cord organizer on your desk. These clip organizers keep small device cords such as phone chargers from falling on the floor. By keeping these cords in place, you prevent them from getting damaged due to overuse.
  3. Grab a cable management box to hide cables in open areas. If you have cords that are exposed in an area that are unable to hide behind furniture, a cable management box can be a quick fix.
  4. Do it yourself! Paper towel or toilet paper rolls can be used as tube organizers for your cords. Plastic twist ties lying around the house? Use them to group cluttered cords together and make them more managable.

With these helpful tips, cables shouldn’t overrun your living area any longer. Need a more complex wiring job to hide all signs of wires? Let that be a job for one of our highly skilled electricians! Visit our website or call us at (210) 899-2430 to receive more information.

*Information from this article was gathered from The Strategist.