If you’re thinking about ways you can make your house safer during thanksgiving, you’ve already gained some points in our book. Whether you’re planning on staying home or traveling this Thanksgiving, here are some tips to make sure your home safety is on point.

Staying Home and Reducing Stress on Appliances

  • Make sure all smoke alarms are functioning

  • Double-check that you have ground fault circuit interrupters outlets (GFCIs) in bathrooms and kitchen; especially important where water is present

  • Clean appliances like the stove and oven to get rid of fire hazards

  • Remove any items from around the outside of the stove and oven that could also be flammable

  • Have multiple functioning kitchen timers ready for use to avoid overcooking or burning items
  • Make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy—just in case

Making Sure Things are Squared Away Before Leaving

  • Unplug any fixtures or technology you can

  • Make sure anything that must stay on is plugged into a surge protector

  • Turn off the majority of your indoor lights

  • Ensure the few indoor lights kept on are using LED bulbs to avoid fire hazard

  • Keep outdoor lights on at night but set to a timer to turn off during the day

  • Turn AC/ heating off

  • Check to confirm both your security and fire alarms’ batteries are not running low

  • Don’t leave any exposed wires if there are pets in the house

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