In order to increase the life of your phone, you would most likely need to focus on preserving the battery within it. Smartphone companies have long been working to provide consumers with the best long-and short-term lasting battery technology. Unfortunately, the race to build the next big thing has slowed down over the last thirty years since the first commercial lithium-ion battery was introduced to the market. What is in most phones today are close relatives to this battery, with additional advancements. Although manufacturers have made good progress in developing a top performing battery, there are sensitivities to be aware about. Try placing these tips into practice to increase the longevity of your phone’s battery:

  1. Ensure that your chargers are made by the same manufacturer of your phone. These chargers have settings that will prevent overcharging of the lithium ion battery.
  2. Try to charge your phone only to 50%. We understand how impractical this may be if you plan to use your phone actively throughout the day without easy access to a nearby outlet. This is a good preventative measure to take depending on how your day will look like.
  3. Try to keep your phone at a stable temperature. Your phone getting too hot or too cold directly correlates to the health decline of your battery.
  4. Fast charge your phone only when necessary. Using a fast charger is practical for you, but stressful on your battery. For overnight charging, use a standard charger.

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*Information gathered from Lauren Stephen Medium