Although Texas is not known for harsh winters, it is important to prepare for these upcoming seasons - commence flashbacks to last year’s snow storm. Now that we understand what kind of damage this weather can do to our homes, we can take preventative measures to upkeep our electrical equipment in case of an oncoming freeze. It is never too early to take these steps.

Outdoor Lighting

Check for broken or loose bulbs and replace them before the cooler weather sets in. Your past self will also thank you for checking faulty underground wiring before a freeze makes it nearly impossible to fix.

Meter Box and Electrical Panel

Getting your meter box and electrical panel inspected after months of strenuous use of A/C cooling is another great preventative measure to take before you again strain it with heating.

Outdoor Spas and Hot Tubs

Don’t be left without a spa or hot tub to use these upcoming seasons. Our electricians check for faulty circuits and make sure to leave your wiring up to standard. This will help to keep your system from freezing during low temperatures.

Don’t be left in the cold and in the dark!

Prevent your future self from dealing with tiresome electrical issues in the cold by reaching us at (210) 899-2430 and letting a dispatcher connect you with one of our electricians.