Light switches aren’t something most people pay attention to in their homes. While long-lasting and low-maintenance, time and wear take a toll on these everyday appliances. Here are the telltale signs its time to think about replacing your light switch:

Signs to Look For

If you notice something different with your light switch, you shouldn’t ignore it. Signs like a popping or cracking sound when flipping the switch are created by live electricity that is arching inside the switch, could turn into a potentially hazardous situation if not given attention immediately.

Heat coming from your switch is another sign to look for. It is normal for light switches to feel slightly warm. However, if the switch and plate are hot to the touch, this is a sign of a serious electrical issue.

A subtle sign your light switch should be replaced is a lagging between switching it on and the light coming on. This could mean that the electrical contacts present in the switch are beginning to wear out.

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