90,000 electrical fires occur each year in the United States and the majority of them are from faulty electrical panels. There are two brands in particular we don’t recommend:

1. Federal Pacific Electric Panels (FPE): FPE panels were extremely common from the 1950’s - 1980’s. However, throughout the years, these panels have continuously failed and caused numerous house fires across San Antonio and the United States.

2. Zinsco panels: Zinsco panel parts have been considered obsolete throughout the country due to a design flaw that causes the circuit breaker's connection to the bar bus to loosen, and the breaker to fuse to the bus bar. This fusing loose connection leads to arcing and overheating problems, and the fusing of the metal makes it impossible to remove. This also prevents the circuits from tripping, which can pose a major fire hazard.

If you have either of these panels, don’t risk it. Call (210) 899-2430 and get it replaced with a safer model. It is crucial to upgrade faulty electrical systems, and equipment to keep your home safe. If your home has old, dangerous electrical equipment, you can count on us to provide the services you need to get things up to date.