During a hurricane, failing to take the proper safety steps can be dangerous or even fatal. Learn how to prepare and manage your electricity during a hurricane to protect your home and family.

Before the Storm

In a recent blog, we discussed choosing a generator. A generator should be professionally installed long before a hurricane forms. During a hurricane, you likely won’t have access to your usual power supply, but with a generator you can continue to power small appliances like personal medical equipment or charge items such as flashlights.

Surge protectors will help safeguard electronics from power surges that can fry them and shield appliances during thunderstorms or smaller daily electrical surges that shorten appliance lifespan.

During the Storm

Your generator should only be used to power essentials. Remember to never use a portable generator inside, including your garage, or within ten feet of the home due to carbon monoxide production.

If you are at risk for flooding, unplug all electronics, appliances, and any cords from outlets. Never enter a flooded area in your home where water could be in contact with outlets, as water conducts electricity.

After the Storm

Depending on the severity of the storm, it may take a while to regain electricity. Keep a single lamp or radio plugged in to an outlet in a safe area of your home as an indicator of when your electricity is back and to stay aware of weather warnings.

If there is flooding in your home, do not turn on the power until after a professional has conducted a thorough inspection and deemed it safe.

If you see a downed power line, report it to the authorities immediately. Do not attempt to move or approach a downed power line.

From generators to surge protectors, preparing your home for a hurricane isn’t something you have to do alone. Call Mister Sparky® of San Antonio at (210) 899-2430 for hurricane preparedness advice or assistance.