According to the National Fire Protection Association, “from 2014 to 2015, US fire departments responded to an estimated average of 160 home structure fires per year due to Christmas trees.” Most of these fires began in the hours of 9 p.m. to midnight. Any situation dealing with electrical wires has the probability to spark and cause fires. No matter how you bring a Christmas tree in your home or its material, it is important to keep safety in mind when setting it up this holiday season. Due to the nature of real Christmas trees, they are three times more likely to combust in fire than fake Christmas trees. Although fake Christmas trees are safer in that regard, we still recommend monitoring the wires that make up the lighting on your tree to prevent a fire.

Spray flame retardant on your tree whether it's fake or real. Flame retardant acts like a film, protecting the tree that is subjected to things such as sparks, embers, or fire. Some flame retardants can be poured into the base of the Christmas tree, allowing it to absorb into itself to add another layer of protection.

Keep your tree from drying out. It is important to keep the base of your christmas tree filled with water at all times. Even with water, a tree will naturally start drying out, so it is important to monitor your tree and dispose of it when you notice the tree becoming significantly drier.

Place the tree in an area that is at a distance from other heat sources. Although it makes for a great holiday picture, we recommend placing your Christmas tree far away from your fireplace when it is in use. Also, keep the tree away from any nearby heat vents, candles, or radiators.

After the holidays, locate tree recycling centers in your community to safely dispose of your Christmas tree. For fake Christmas trees, inspect wiring and bulbs to ensure its quality for next year. For more in-depth electrical matters, call us at (210) 899-2430!

*Information for this article gathered from The National Fire Protection Association