Imagine gathering your holiday decorations and preparing to up your cheer when you find that some of your lights have gone out. Before you come to the conclusion that your holiday celebrations are over, inspect the wiring and outlet to spot any possible damage. At times, the issue may be fixed by changing out or tightening a light bulb. If the issue persists, follow the instructions below to potentially solve your issue.

Tools that you will need:

  • Safety gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Bulb tester

Materials you will need:

  • Light string fuses
  • Replacement light bulbs

First start by wearing all your protective gear to keep you safe from any electrical shocks. Then utilize the bulb tester to indicate which bulb is the problem. Keep in mind that the lights must be plugged into the electrical outlet correctly (narrow blade of the plug into the narrow slot socket and wide blade of the plug into the wide slot socket) for the tester to accurately detect which bulb will need to be replaced. Some lights come with fuses in the plug that are easily replaceable. All you have to do is open the plastic covering on the plug and replace the blown out fuse.

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*Information for this article gathered from Family Handyman