Unfortunately not all electricians are created equal, and although a quick internet search makes
things simpler, businesses now have the ability to pay for search rankings and fake reviews.
This makes the process of choosing an electrician much more difficult. Here’s what to look for
when choosing an electrician:

1. Reputation: One way to determine if a business is legitimate, is if the business you are
looking to hire has a Google Guarantee badge. This basically means that Google is
verifying to you that they perform real trustworthy work.

2. License & Insurance: Because there are so many risks associated with performing
electrical work, it is a good idea to check what kind of license and insurance your
electrician has and make sure they are not expired. Some licenses carry restrictions and
are only valid for certain types of work. You can double check online if you are unsure
about license validity.

3. Quote: Before agreeing to any work done, make sure that the electrician you’re working
with gives a clear quote with a breakdown of prices and services to be performed. Call
different places and get an estimated price to make sure that what they are charging you
is within industry standards. Remember price is not always the determining factor.
Consider the value you are getting from each company and factor that in along with
materials, warranties, and the level of customer service you expect to receive.

4. Previous Work Experience & Reviews: Take into consideration how long your electrician
has been performing the kind of work you are hiring them to do. Look over any past
reviews about their work and service. Check both positive and negative reviews to get a
better idea of what their strengths and weaknesses are.

There is a lot to consider when choosing an electrician, but it is important to take the time and
evaluate who is best to perform work on your home. Doing this can save you time, money, and
resources down the road. To speak with us about our electrical services call (210) 899-2430.