Whether you are looking to sell or renovate your home, small and inexpensive changes can go a long way. Minor upgrades, like updating kitchen or bathroom lighting, or changing out outdated ceiling fans can be an effective and affordable way to modernize your home.

We cover everything you need to know about improvements and ideas for your home!

  • Under-cabinet lighting
    Under-cabinet lights can create an immediately updated look for your kitchen without costing you too much money or effort. Many affordable options are available to choose from. Taking the time to understand the different options will ensure you make the right choice without going over your budget.
  • Xenon Fixtures
    Xenon fixtures are the oldest lights currently in the market. However, because of their color, many people still prefer them to newer, more sophisticated fixtures. The clean, white light they emit can help marble or granite countertops really pop.
  • Puck Lights
    Named for their hockey puck shape, puck lights are a very popular type of under cabinet lighting. Puck lights can use xenon, halogen, or LED light bulbs depending on where you’re using them. If color purity is very important to you, then the color and intensity of the bulb, or CRI (color-rendering index) of almost 100 is what you need.
  • Fluorescent Fixtures
    Fluorescent fixtures are a classic type of under cabinet lighting. The color and intensity (CRI) isn’t nearly as high as xenon or halogen fixtures, but neither is the heat emission. Fluorescent under cabinet lighting is a good middle-of-the-road option that can work if you’re not looking for anything too fancy or costly.
  • LED Strip Light
    Let’s say you don’t need or want a “fixture” under your cabinets but you want a more even light than you’d achieve with puck lights. In that case, an effective solution would be LED strip lights. If installed correctly, you should never see the LEDs, just the light they produced. Since LED strip lights aren’t as bright as under-cabinet fixtures, this option should be used for accent lighting or in a room that already has strong overhead lighting.

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