It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure all electrical equipment and wiring in their properties are code compliant. While in some instances—where the tenant has caused electrical damage—the renter could be held responsible for electrical repairs or replacements, it is usually the landlords’ sole responsibility to upgrade, repair or replace faulty electrical wires and/or equipment. If you need help with code compliance, contact Mister Sparky® of San Antonio and we’ll send a technician out right away.

Electrical problems are common in homes of all types, ages and sizes and rental properties are no different. Problems could include dead outlets, faulty light fixtures or nonworking light switches. More serious electrical problems might include sparks at the electrical outlet, heat around the outlets or switches, flickering lights, circuit breaker trips, and frequent light bulb burnouts.

There are very few electrical problems that an untrained person could try to fix on their own, however, most electric repairs should be done by a licensed, trained professional. Still, because electricians are expensive, landlords and tenants often argue on who gets to pay the bill for the repair.

Consider following the guidelines below to ensure your rental properties’ electrical system is up to par with your city’s code.

  • Ensure that a licensed electrician performs a visual inspection of the property between tenancies
  • If it is determined your rental property needs electrical upgrades or repairs, always hire a licensed electrician
  • Include regular safety checks on electrical appliances as part of the rental agreement
  • Ensure there are enough sockets to minimize the use of multi-socket adapters
  • Repair all broken sockets and light switches
  • Replace all faulty light fixtures
  • Ensure GFCI outlets are installed in all restrooms

Following these simple guidelines will ensure you provide a safe environment for your tenants as well as remain compliant with your city’s electrical code.

For assistance inspecting, repairing or upgrading your rental properties electrical system, please contact Mister Sparky® of San Antonio 24/7 at (210) 899-2430!