Even little changes to your house and lifestyle can make a big impact on your energy bill! Here are four ways to make your home more green this spring:

Use smaller kitchen appliances when possible

While traditional ovens and stoves are great for cooking big meals, they use a lot of energy and put out a lot of heat, which can result in a larger energy bill at the end of the month. When cooking small meals, devices like microwaves, toasters, and slow cookers can be a more efficient alternative because they use less energy and put out much less heat. This means you won’t have to turn down your air conditioner to account for the extra heat in your kitchen, and you’ll spend less on your bills each month.

Don’t leave your fridge open

We’ve all been guilty of opening the fridge and spending several minutes scanning the shelves for something that looks good, but this little act can actually cost you energy (and money). When the door is open, the fridge or freezer has to work harder (and use more energy) to maintain the set temperature, and this extra energy can be reflected in your bill. Be conscious of the time you spend with the doors open – even shutting the fridge or freezer door between putting away your groceries can help.

Be smart about running your dishwasher

Most modern dishwashers use between 3.5 – 5 gallons of water per load, according to the Department of Energy’s standards, which is less than most people use when hand washing their dishes. While using a dishwasher can save water and energy, running it when it is only half-full can negate these benefits. Instead of running your dishwasher more frequently, wait until it is full so that you can reap the energy- (and water-) efficient benefits.

Pay attention to leaks

Whether it’s your sink dripping or air escaping through the sealant around your windows, leaks can be a big source of unnecessary expenditure. Keep an eye out around your house for water leaks – look for water pooling around your faucets or the sound of your toilet continuing to run long after it has been flushed. Air leaks can be more difficult to find – look for places where the sealant has degraded or where doors or windows can be rattled in their jams. To be sure you’ve found all the places in your home where money is leaking out, call Mister Sparky® of San Antonio today for a full home energy audit.

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