You may have heard that you can save money by unplugging your electronic devices that are not in use, and while this is true (these devices can make up 10% of your electricity bill), it may not be a conducive strategy for everyone. So, we have put together a few other ways you can decrease your energy usage and save money:

● Power Strip: If you do want to effectively turn off low-load devices without having to unplug each one every time you leave, you can purchase a power strip and just turn it off when you leave. This will not only save energy while you are gone, but it will also decrease the potential of a fire or shock injury.

● LED Lights: You can replace the light bulbs you currently have with LED lights. LED’s are great because they use a fraction of the energy and last longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

● HVAC: Turn off your HVAC when you are not home. There is no point in heating or cooling down an empty house.

● Appliances: Consider replacing older appliances with more efficient models, and unplug any forgotten devices that you don’t use.

There are many different ways to save energy and money when it comes to the home. For more information call (210) 899-2430 or contact us online today!