The heat of summer brings a high demand for electrical power, leading to an increase in the chance of electrical problems. It’s impossible to prevent every incident, but you can be prepared for them.

One common issue seen during the summer is a tripping circuit breaker. As we have mentioned previously, circuit breakers are one of the most important devices in your home. They are what distribute the flow of power to your household, and protect against power surges, power interruptions, broken connections, and other electrical fire hazards. In the summer, breakers may trip due to overloading caused by a fan or AC unit using extra electricity on top of other things. You can try staggering appliance usage, or unplugging unneeded items, but if your circuit breaker is tripping frequently, you should call an electrician.

Blackouts/Brownouts are also more common in the summer months. This is due to the high electrical demands that place excess strain on the power grid. If you notice signs of this occurrence, you should do your best to reduce your electrical usage as much as possible, and unplug any sensitive equipment. You can also take the preventative measure of installing a whole-house generator as a backup power supply.

Another thing worth double checking in the summer is your ceiling fan. Take a moment to stand underneath it and ensure that the blades are rotating counter clockwise. Counter clockwise

rotation allows your fan to push air down and create a cool breeze. This will not only save you from the heat, but it will also help you reduce your energy bill as well.

If you notice any of these issues in your home, or need help installing a new ceiling fan, contact us at (210) 899-2430. Our team of qualified electricians are happy to help.