In a time where we are seeing a highly inflated number of individuals per household, we understand that many resources in your home are under high amounts of stress--including yourself. If intrapersonal stress was not enough, these higher numbers of residents can also result in overuse of the electrical circuits in your house. We understand that there are some things that cannot be avoided, like your 23-year-old, college-graduate son living in the guest room. But there are some things that can be avoided, like energy shut offs from circuit overloads.

What Is a Circuit Overload?

The electrical wiring in your house is broken up into different circuits that can individually only handle a specific amount of electricity. When this amount is surpassed, a circuit trip can occur, causing the circuit to shut off. In this case, the circuit breaker must be reset for electricity to be supplied to that circuit once again.

What Causes a Circuit Overload?

Most commonly, circuit overloads are caused by too many devices being plugged in at the same location and therefore overworking that particular circuit. It can also be caused by older devices that have not been configured to use electricity in safe, modern ways.

How Can I Prevent It?

  1. Unplug devices and chargers while not in use.
    • Unplug any chargers that are not being used; even the charger alone without a device charging can be syphoning off small amounts of energy. Additionally, when you can, avoid keeping devices plugged in overnight.
  2. Distribute devices to different sections of the house.
    • Oftentimes you can check on your device cables or chargers to see how much energy they require. Once you have determined which of your devices use the most amount of energy, strategically place them on different plugs, ideally on a surge protector.
  3. Make sure your plugs are new and functioning properly.
    • Ensure that your plugs are not old or worn out. Worn out sockets can also cause a circuit to break as the connectors are not functioning as intended.
    • Contact Mister Sparky to schedule a plug inspection or a new plug installment today. We will make sure you are safe and taken care of in a time where at-home electricity functionality is extremely vital.

We hope these resources help to ease some avoidable incidents in your home. In this time of uncertainty, we know how important it is to be in control of your home to ward off any added danger. If you have any questions at all or would simply like a professional opinion, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mister Sparky today and take advantage of our dependable, affordable services.

*Information for this article collected from TechRepublic.