August is National Wellness Month! In order to properly celebrate, us at Mister Sparky have compiled a list of five electrical upgrades to guarantee wellness for yourself and your family.

1.) Smoke Detectors

It doesn’t matter the circumstance- every house is subject to potentially being affected by a fire. It is your own duty to ensure every smoke detector in your home is up to date. FEMA suggests you switch your detectors every ten years, but it is smart to check them regularly regardless.

2. ) Vacuum Cleaners

The best way to know if your vacuum is no longer working is if it is no longer cleaning your floors. It is quite normal for motors to wear down over time, so it would be smart to take your vacuum in to be serviced approximately every 12-18 months.

3.) Dryers and Washing Machines

Dryers and washing machines can last 10-15 years if the hoses are checked and the lint trap, heating element and exhaust duct in the dryer are cleaned regularly. These actions can also prevent dryer fires.

4.) Stove Tops and Oven

Luckily, these can last up to 20 years with proper care, but you have to be aware if the burners stop working or if there are problems with the control board, bake element or igniter. This could be a larger problem that is subject to replacement.

5.) Hair Dryers

Hair dryers can last 10-15 years; however, it is important to clean them regularly of hair and debris. If the appliance smells like burning hair, if it shocks or burns you, these are sure signs that it needs to be cleaned or replaced. An overheated power cord can also lead to melting, fire or explosion.
And, always remember: Check your cords and plugs for erosion or exposed wires – these have the potential to cause electrical fires.

For more information, check out Mister Sparky’s Expert Tips.

National Wellness Month
Electrical Appliance Upgrade
Keep the fireworks up in the air – and out of your home.