If you are looking to install lights into your home, you should consider a tactic commonly known
as “light layering”. Simply put, light layering is when you use different types of lighting to create
a well-lit and balanced space. Using this technique can completely change the look of your
home, and works well to refresh any space. Here are some things you need to know:

● The 3 Layers of Lighting:

1. Ambient: This is what we consider the base layer, or the foundation of your
lighting. This can be a ceiling fan light in the living room, a few downlights, or
even a large box light in the kitchen.

2. Task: Think of this kind of light as the light you need to get your daily tasks
complete like putting on your makeup, teleworking, or cooking. This kind of
lighting usually sits under things like cabinets or around mirrors.

3. Accent: If you have seen people add LED strips around things in their house, that
is a great example of accent lighting. However, accent lighting is more than that.
It is any lighting that is decorative or that makes a design statement. It can be
used to illuminate any of your favorite things like books, awards, plants etc.

● Toe Kick Lighting: Another way you can play with light layering is by adding lights to the
bottom of your cabinets or shelves. By doing this you are illuminating and highlighting
the floor in your home, and this makes it easier to avoid “kicking your toes” on anything.

● Outdoor Space: You can layer lights outside too, the same principles can apply, you can
highlight walkways, grills, cabinets, and whatever else you might want to show off.

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