At Mister Sparky, we have your back. We are always searching for great electrical options to make your life easier. Here is some helpful information on accessible ways to lower your home energy bill.1. Check seals on windows, doors and appliances
   a. Make sure you regularly check that all windows, doors and appliances are sealing completely and replace seals when they are not.
2. Adjust your fridge and freezer temperature
   a. In many cases, there is no reason to have your fridge on full cool blast. It can help to turn your fridge down in the winter and up a bit in the summer to prevent overworking.
3. Wash clothes in cold water instead of hot
   a. Opting for cold water in your washer means less stress on your water heater. Oftentimes, between laundry, showers and dishwashing, your water heater can be stretched thin, causing your bill to skyrocket.
4. Adjust the temperature directly on your water heater
   a. This can help prevent water heater fatigue by reducing the amount of electricity your heater has to use every time it runs. A quick and easy fix.
5. Use LED bulbs instead of incandescent ones
   a. We are sure you have heard this tip before, but LED bulbs take significantly less energy than incandescent ones. If you have not made the switch, make sure you do so soon to start saving immediately.
6. Install dimmer switches on your lights
   a. With the help of a trusty electrical professional from Mister Sparky, this tip is easily achievable. Dimmers prevent electric overuse by giving you full control of your lights.
7. Use smart power strips
   a. There are hundreds of smart power strips options and all of them can help you save energy. Additionally, they help protect your technology from damage during storms.
We hope these tips were helpful. For more information or to set up your consultation
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