HVAC Maintenance Tips

tech working on hvac unit

We are midway through summer and our air conditioning units are feeling it. However, the last thing any homeowner would want to hear is their air conditioners have gone out. Taking preventative measures by getting your AC maintenanced would be highly beneficial in regards to extending the life of your unit as well.

The number one maintenance you can do for your unit is a simple A/C tune up. This preventive maintenance is useful to catch underlying issues that might become a problem later on. Issues that are caught early will keep your unit running smoothly for a longer period and keep you from having to invest in a new one altogether. Another option is to deep clean your condenser; the unit you can find outside of your home. Companies make and sell specific chemicals that aid in the cleaning process of your unit, but a simple spray down with the water hose can also help. Leaves can build up near the fan and coils and cause the unit to stop working so make sure to spray in between the panels, sides and backsides

It is recommended to get your unit serviced twice a year; one servicing appointment focused on your air conditioning and the other for your heater. Not only will this inform you of potential issues, but you can also save money on expensive repairs by taking care of the issue early on. Most people know the importance of maintaining their vehicle, but not many people know how similarly important it is to maintain their HVAC.

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