Surge Protection

Surge Protectors, Why They Matter

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Keeping your appliances and electronics safe during a storm is important, but do you really know how surge protectors work?

What is a Surge Protector?

A “surge protector” refers to a device that protects appliances or electronics against power surges-a spike of electricity in your home’s electrical current. Power surges can be caused by high-power devices, like refrigerators and air conditioners, as well as lightning strikes.

How Your Surge Protector Could Be Affecting Appliances

Although “surge protector” has become a term for extension cords with multiple outlets, some are not actually surge protectors. Researching and verifying your surge protector will save your appliances from power surges.

Have you had frequent power surges recently? Surge protectors deteriorate based on the amount of voltage they have absorbed and should be replaced after frequent power surges or after two years.

A power surge sends voltage that may be too high for your appliances’ circuits. This can cause damage to the wiring over time, and shorten your electronics’ lifespan more rapidly.

How to Get the Best Protection?

Use a two-layer approach and ensure that power strips also serve as surge protectors. The best protection against power surges is having a whole-house surge protector installed by a licensed electrician. With years of protection, you’ll save money, time, and your appliances.

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