With the winter months coming to an end and the spring months approaching, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. For this reason, many people turn to space heaters to warm their rooms as need-be. What can be more cozy than curling up next to a space heater and lighting a few candles before falling asleep?

The vast majority of us have done it. Leaving our candles burning and our space heaters running through the night while we are fast asleep. While the comfort of the heat and the scents of the candles may aid in our slumber, the potential disaster for both an electrical and flame flare-up is immense. According to a Nationwide Insurance study, 80% of home heating fire casualties involve space heaters. Space heater fires account for 19,300 reported U.S. home structure fires which amounts to $559 million in direct property damage.

There are precautions you can take to protect yourself from a potential space heater-related house fire. The best precaution of course being to turn off your space heater when it is not being monitored. That means any time you step out of the room or feel yourself falling asleep, switch your space heater off.

With many of us leading busy lives, keeping tabs on your space heater can be difficult. The second best precaution: make sure you have smoke alarms in your house and that they are well maintained. Mister Sparky’s electrician services can couple their expertise in electrical maintenance along with their knowledge of smoke detectors to create the safest home environment possible for you and your family.

Mister Sparky’s professionals are all certified and skilled electricians. Beyond their expertise in proper wiring and installation of electrical units, they are knowledgeable in the installation and proper maintenance of smoke detectors.

On-time, clean, friendly, and skilled, call a Mister Sparky professional today!

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