Teaching your kids the fundamentals of electricity is a crucial step when introducing your children to electrical safety. By educating your children on the basic concepts of conduction, the process of advising them on electrical safety will be much easier to comprehend.

Electricity is a live and powerful conductor of energy and can be extremely dangerous when not properly monitored. Often times parents find themselves at a difficult medium where they would like to monitor their children’s behavior but find it difficult to do so at all times in the day. This is why it is so important to teach your children the basics of electricity and a simple guide to keeping them safe when using electrical devices.

The three most important concepts to stress to your children about electricity is:

  1. Electricity and water do not mix well. Do not use electrical devices in restrooms and do not touch electrical devices with wet hands.
  2. Do not touch plugs. Plugs are not meant to be touched or tampered with.
  3. Make sure any leads/wires are tucked away from heavy foot traffic. Leads can cause trips and fall if they do not keep it tidily away.
    At Mister Sparky, we take the safety of your family into consideration at all times. We truly believe that the best methods for preventing an electrical accident from happening are through proper education and open dialogue. We hope you find the following resources helpful to you as you introduce these safety tips to your little ones!

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