Mister Sparky Technician with Customer

Mister Sparky® of Northwest Arkansas's number one priority is the safety of its customers. This is why our team works hard to not only provide the highest quality of service but also offer top-notch education for our customers. One of the ways we educate customers is through our Sparky News blogs. Today’s blog addresses everything a homeowner needs to know about electric code compliance. Even though all the steps to ensure a home or property is up to code may seem like a hassle, it could make all the difference. Electric code compliance is important and ensures that we can safely use the electrical fixtures and devices in our home. Read about the National Electric Code (NEC) here.

In determining if your home meets the NEC electrical code compliance, you first need to know when a home or property was built. Electrical codes are updated every three or four years, so cross-checking the year a home was built with residential building codes correlating with the most recently updated year is a smart thing to do. There will likely be changes in standards for wiring, electrical panel connections, and grounding legs or circuits.

Another way to determine if a home meets electrical code compliance is by looking up who built the home. Hopefully, the builder’s business is still open. If so, people may request records of construction dates, permits or contracts, which will likely give information about the home’s electrical system materials and configuration.

The best way to determine electrical code compliance is to hire a licensed electrician, like Mister Sparky, to perform a home electrical inspection. Mister Sparky® of Northwest Arkansas offers home electrical inspections to help customers find safety hazards before they cause problems. Mister Sparky® of Northwest Arkansas takes out all the guessing and puts the situation into the hands of a professional. The licensed electricians at Mister Sparky® of Northwest Arkansas have gone through extensive code compliance training, and are able to recognize any type of electrical problem.

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Mister Sparky® of Northwest Arkansas, America’s On-Time Electrician in Bella Vista, Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale and Fayetteville services the Northwest Arkansas area with a team of licensed electricians. In addition to flickering lights, some of the electrician services provided by the company include electrical outlet/switch repair, ceiling fan installation, lighting installation, electrical wiring repair, landscape lighting installation, and home electrical inspections.