So you’ve decided that you need power in other areas of your home, or that you would like to divide up the power sources for an existing room. Maybe you’ve built a home addition, such as a sun room or a spare bedroom. Or maybe your power needs have changed and you’re drawing too much power from just one breaker. Whatever the reason, if you think that you need a new breaker in your breaker box, you’re going to need to figure out if your current breaker box has the extra panel slots and if it can handle the extra amount of power going through it. When you’re trying to figure this out, there are a couple of things that you can do to determine if more electrical fuses can be added to your current breaker box, what you can do if you can’t add any more electrical fuses, and what you can do to ensure that your breaker box is safe.


In order to add more switches to your breaker panel, you first need to determine if there is room on the panel, which only has a certain amount of physical spaces.


Only a certain amount of power can flow through a breaker box. If you have too much power flowing through it, you will have a variety of problems. One these problems could be flickering lights or other devices that don’t work at a steady pace because they don’t receive adequate power. It’s also possible that you will have breaker switches that flip more often. You also have to be concerned about electrical safety. When too much power is being routed through one breaker box, there is increased risk of fire.


If you’ve built an addition, such as a guest house or another room, and you’ve determined that there either isn’t the space on the breaker panel, or the current box won’t be able to handle any more power being routed through it, there is another option. You can also add a separate breaker box for that addition. This option will ensure that the breaker box isn’t overloaded so that you will get an even and consistent power supply throughout the house or building.


To avoid electrical safety concerns, calling a professional is your best option. A professional electrician will be able to determine if there is enough space on your circuit panel and if your current system can handle the amount of power being directed through it. They will also be able to safely install what you need; your home’s electrical panel directs a large amount of energy and can be dangerous to someone without the proper training. A professional electrician will also be up to date on the codes that must be followed, and if your breaker can’t support additional hardware, they will be knowledgable in making follow up recommendations.

If you’ve made a new electrical addition to your home or you’re not sure how to change the way power is currently distributed, there are several things that you will need to do to ensure that your supply of electricity that safe and secure. And with changing electrical codes, you might also find yourself needing a sub-panel. Be sure to take your time to find out exactly what you need, and be sure to call the professionals at Mister Sparky so that you’ll be able to enjoy your new additions worry-free!