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simon malouf

"Getting an electrical panel upgrade isn’t easy, all sorts of hurdles to jump cause of the current codes. Mr. Sparky is well versed in navigating this sort of thing. Everyone from the person who came out to give me an estimate to the installers were top notch. Super professional, competent and polite. Highly recommend them."

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Linda Scheidt

"Tim-expert and excellent technician. Theresa-excellent customer service rep. She goes above and beyond in her communications assistance. Sam-excellent project manager. They are all professional and personable. This is the top of customer service. I appreciated their patience, kindness, and educating me as to what electrical needs were warranted and why. They presented all options in terms of helping me to make an informed decision. I highly recommend this company."

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Tiffany Kaufman

"We needed a bathroom light fixture moved, an outlet installed up higher and the cable cords relocated to the other side of the room. Mister Sparky sent Tim out who was amazing. He explained all the steps he would take and made sure we were aware of the cuts on the wall he would need to make. Nothing we couldn’t fix on our own after the fact. It was also an extremely hot day (100 degrees) and Tim had to go under the house. I definitely did not envy him, but he did it with no complaints. I highly recommend Tim and Mister Sparky because the work turned out great. There were a few safety recommendations discussed along the way which is more than appreciated. Thank you!"

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Kelly Shratter

"Our technician, Tim, was courteous and thorough while installing our new led lights. And the result turned out great ! If you need new lights - ask for Tim."

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Cindi Clinton

"Wanted a new oven but needed the outlet to be upgraded to 50amps. Mr. Sparky to the rescue! They were on time and very professional. Will definitely call them for all my electrical needs."