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Kellie Dress

"Octavia did an amazing job at installing an EV car charger for me. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and patient with me. He explained everything he was going to do in great detail. He went above and beyond when I added a few items onto the job last minute. He also spent extra time with me giving me quotes for two other projects which we have hired him again to complete for us next week."

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Rynd 33

"Octavia came to our house to install two exterior outlets on our back porch. He was absolutely the best service technician I have ever worked with. He was on time, very professional, explained each step of the installation as he worked, and was very personable. I would definitely reccomend Mr. Sparky, and specifically Octavia Jefferson, for any future electrical work."

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Gregory Ostrowski

"Octavia Jefferson was my tech for the install of my electric panel upgrade and emergency breaker panel (outside next to meter) both were done professionally ....and it showed when the inspector passed both jobs 1st time with no problems .... thank you again Octavia and Mr. Sparky for having great techs working for you!"

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Scott Girdley

"Mr Sparky electrician Octavia Jefferson was very professional and performed an excellent job. We are very pleased with his work. He examined our needs and prepared an estimate, answered all our questions and repaired our damaged outlets. He then installed a new dedicated 20amp circuit for our sauna. This company has great call service and really takes care of their customers! I highly recommend them and look forward to using them again in the future."

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Mr. C

"Alex was the Technician that stopped by to help and he was awesome. He explained everything that he would complete for the day and offered advice on future work he recommended be done. He did not pressure me to do it but explained the benefits of the upgrades. I appreciated his honesty and will definitely recommend him to and Mr. Sparky to my friends."