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Tina L

"BLUF--VERY satisfied with the service and the price! Was the second time we've used Mr. Sparky with excellent results. We had too many high usage appliances (air fryer biggest culprit) that were tripping the breaker. The owner is the one actually answering the phones, and when I explained what was happening, he was able to send Micah right away even though I didn't have an appointment, which was exceptional customer service! Micah and the crew diagnosed the issue, gave a several options with several price points, and actually fixed it immediately, even staying late on a Friday to make sure it was finished."

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Eric Hipp

"We had a can light where we needed some assistance converting it to hang a chandelier. Brent and his team were quick to respond and assist! They were very professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing any small or big project completed."

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Jason Worden

"Our entire experience with this tech and his company was positive. They responded quickly, were outgoing, answered questions clearly and used their time efficiently. The price was reasonable. We would work with Micah and Mr Sparky again in the future."

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Carolyn Smith

"There’s no question that Mister Sparkey will be our Go To electricians. And it’s BECAUSE of employees like Rob who brought professionalism and competency along with a very refreshing personality. He tackled several major projects."

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Regina Walsh

"It was 5:30 pm on a Friday night when I came home and found half my house was without power, including the water heater, microwave, and all the smoke detectors were beeping. Searching for an electrician who would come out on a Friday night on an emergency basis, I found Mr Sparky of St. Paul. Brent was very kind on the phone and sent Nate over. Nate checked everything in the house, including the circuit breaker box and all the outlets and could find nothing wrong. He disconnected all the smoke detectors so the beeping would stop and plugged the water heater into a separate outlet so I would have hot water for the weekend. When he reported this in to Brent, Brent contacted Xcel Energy, the power company, using a contractor line. Xcel came out to the house and determined that it was their underground power connection that had burnt out and it was entirely their problem. They set up a temporary new connection outside the house and said they would be back to repair the line next week. Without Brent contacting Xcel, I would not have known to do so, since it did not seem like a regular power outage. Through the whole process, Brent and Nate were very polite, helpful and responsive until late in the evening when this was resolved. Thank you! Don't hesitate to call Mr. Sparky!"